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Your baby is exempt from some, but not all, regulations for a passport photo in Amsterdam. Pasfoto Eland will take a photograph of your child that meets the guidelines. Thanks to our quick and professional service, your baby will experience as little stress as possible while still taking a picture that is government-approved for official documents.

Take your baby to our passport photo service in Amsterdam

Our passport photo booth is available to people of all ages. This means you can also have an official passport photo taken of your baby in our shop in Amsterdam. The guidelines for children under six years slightly differ from regular official passport photos. For example, their head and shoulders do not have to be perfectly centered and their expression does not have to be entirely neutral. Still, there are some requirements to be met, like the eyes that have to be clearly visible or the fact that there cannot be shadows or reflections in the photo. Our photographer for passport photos will make sure that the photograph meets these requirements. We will work swiftly to ensure that your child experiences as little discomfort as possible. That way, it will be a quick and effortless process for everyone involved.

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Enjoy our professional photo service

Visit Pasfoto Eland if you need your baby’s passport photo taken in Amsterdam. Thanks to our professional techniques, the process will be over before you know it. Do you have any questions regarding our photo service? Feel free to contact us by calling 020 623 1027.

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